Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dreaming from A-Z II: I for Intuition

Theme for my 2014 A-Z challenge: my daily dreams, based on thoughts of a topic beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Last night I thought about intuition. Or rather, I tried to stimulate my pineal gland, which is located in the center of the brain and which is the seat of intuition. I did two things for this: the first was simply to imagine the gland as something about the size of a grain of rice, and to see it getting bigger and brighter. The other thing I did was a breath/visualization activity that stimulates the 6th chakra (the energetic center that corresponds to the pineal gland and is located in the etheric body overlaying the physical).

The activity is as follows: following the path of the inhale from the right nostril up to the center of the brain, then exhaling from the center of the brain to the left nostril; then inhaling from the left nostril to the center of the brain and exhaling out the right nostril. That's one round, and you're supposed to count down from 99 to 1, and every 5th round you focus on the breath coming in both nostrils up to the center of the brain and then out both nostrils. If you lose count, you start over.

I'm afraid I only made it to like 93 before I lost count and promptly fell asleep. (even when I'm awake and alert it's hard for me to get through the full 100)

Only remembered a couple bits of dreams:
I got a haircut at a salon from my critique partner, Karen. She asked me if I wanted to dye my front forelock blond, because she saw it was growing in with a few strands of pink. We concluded that the pink was paint and no longer spoke of dyeing. She cut my hair so it looked like a giant black fluffy ball around my head. Somehow, even though it was startling, it looked good. I started counting out $1 receipts to give her as a tip, and then I thought that was silly to pay her that way and I gave her cash.
In the next bit of recalled dream, I was scraping tartar off of my teeth and particularly getting at this one brownish stain.
The general feel of this dream was good--it was one of determination and power and oddly, of achievement--of getting things done.
Anyway. This dream makes me think about the power of hair, how it's like an antennae, an extension of our sensory abilities. A pink forelock--female intuition? Deciding against calling attention to the forelock--maybe the dream is saying that intuition shouldn't have its focus on merely vision/imagination, but is about feeling into the world with every sense of the body. Intuition is about more than just sight--it's about acting on what you see and living according to your truth.


  1. gosh that sounds like hard work imagining that LOL..and what a dream! Hello from another a-z blogger, how are you finding the challenge?

    1. Hi! It's pretty fun. Moments of extreme tedium, but I love having an excuse to talk about my dreams. :)

  2. Wow. That's a very specific way of meditating. Actually, I guess that's the point. You focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. I don't think I'd make it to 90 before losing track or falling asleep.

    1. I think I've only successfully done that whole meditation twice before. And it's frustrating because you can't really measure results! It's really satisfying to my inner control freak though...