Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some theta-wave musings

I edited my post from yesterday about my acupuncture session. I think that the brainwave state I entered was theta, not delta, and the reason why I became so certain of this was because as I was sitting down to meditate this morning I re-entered that lovely no-body state within minutes. Although, I noticed that my head wasn't really included--that stayed physical (I have some blockages in my neck channels I think).

I think I've felt the no-physical-body state many times before (like every single night) but until yesterday I didn't quite have a reference point to know what to look for, so I didn't pay attention to it and really embody my etheric form while conscious. Now...I think I can...

I usually pick a couple of goals to "work on" when I'm in the light-trance meditative state. I've been aware that I have a lot of fear about our future as a human race, so I look at that a lot. But when I try to envision what I would like us to move towards together, I have trouble--everything I think of makes me feel fear:

I imagine an earthly paradise--but it would have to involve massive depopulation, and I fear what would happen to all those people. 

I imagine a world where everyone becomes more conscious and makes intelligent choices--but this hasn't an ounce of plausibility for me...and I also have to recognize that unless it's the same choices I would make, I still wouldn't really like the result.

I imagine an ascension process, where our consciousness takes us to a dimension that reflects our inner world of conflict or lack thereof. This is nice but it feels too every-man-for-himself...

I imagine technological innovation to the point that the damage to the earth can be healed and we can start afresh, new worlds discovered so our population can continue to expand. This one is all right, but I've thought that the only way it would really be all right to me is if other people left the world to go to those other planets, so I could stay here and not take the risks. Thinking about my fear of would be about one million times worse to go out into space.

Anyhow, I usually end up just envisioning a goal of how I would like to feel in the future, personally and about my fellow humans and planet, and I don't put any specifics in it because I really don't see how things could improve. But I do notice that in future envisionings, we keep wanting to just obliterate the shadow, and then it grows. 

Then...I was thinking today...what if the shadow we see around us reflects the quality and the quantity of light? so the more sophisticated the demons, that shows the refining of the other side. And perhaps if we focus on not labeling one good and one evil, but instead on the quality of definition that's increasing in light and dark...because the definition, not the amount of light, signifies the growth of consciousness, pure clarity. And it's not about choosing light or dark--it's about simple awareness of the pattern of the whole.



  1. It sucks to be an idealist. I occasionally envision lofty possibilities for humankind, and then I remind myself that there are still a**holes who don't recycle. If people won't change one small thing that you make easy for them, how does one expect grand feats?

    I'm into this idea of sending people to other planets.

    1. No, no, it doesn't suck! It only sucks to have your idealism crushed!

      It *is* much easier to remain idealistic when I'm as isolated as I am and I don't encounter asshole-ism that often firsthand. But I think it's good to encounter it a little at a time since I really do believe that everybody is a mirror...I've gotten more and more solipsistic as the years go by and I tend to think of everybody as being "mine"--like, my figments, including all the negative stuff--so there's no escaping the need to take everybody with me--just like I take my reflection--wherever I go.

      It would be nice to send people to other planets if travel was safe and the planets were rich paradises. I'm afraid only the "undesirables" would be sent off, though, like a new Australia, except maybe the rocket would blow up or maybe we would be just pretending to send them to a beautiful planet when really they were just being shot into space to die.

    2. LOL..."shot into space to die" yeah that might be it;) I kid. We can't send people to a beautiful planet if they're going to muck it up.

      If only it were as easy as it is to get people to, say, wear Crocs cuz everyone else is doing it, or dye their hair blond cuz everyone else is doing it. Well, "going green" IS now technically the uber-cool thing to do...

    3. That is so horrible it makes me laugh.

      I think I'd rather it be harder to get people to do stuff because everyone else is doing it! It's because it's so easy that the masses are blindly led to their doom.

  2. That brain state sounds like fun. I'll try it, but for some reason I think my brain is on hi-rev too much to actually be able to feel this. =(

    Let's get these people off here in an instant! The question is: who would actually be willing to go??

    1. Our brains are normally in beta-wave speed. But it slows down and goes through all the other states too, just you may not be aware of it. It shows something that you're expressing an intention, though--it plants a seed that your higher self will give back to you when you're ready.

      I agree, nobody would go unless their lives really suck on Earth. But maybe if it's not through rocket ships...maybe if people can go to a beautiful terraformed planet through a stargate, and they could just visit first, then it would be more appealing.

  3. Interesting post. There are so many possible futures--and it's hard to tell which ones are desirable, or even realistic.

    1. Yeah...the possibilities are mind-blowing. I think we aren't comfortable with that since by nature we'll reach to organize our reality, to know...and I think we're taught to be fatalistic as well so often we'll assume the future will suck instead of visioning out realistic solutions to our mess.

  4. Those goals are intriguing to me. Ya got me thinking!